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breeding hybrid swiss chard varieties

Super food power.

A proud market leader.

For years now, we’ve been a frontrunner when it comes to this fast-growing superfood. Our varieties excel in the vigor and uniformity that characterize only the strongest hybrid varieties. What’s more, our varieties have the maximum and most up-to-date resistance against downy mildew and other diseases. You may have already guessed this, but Swiss chard is actually a member of the Red Beet family, one of our other specialty fields!

Wijnand Schellaar, Swiss Chard Breeder

We produce juicy green chard, a welcome guest in leafy salads, as well as red-veined chard, which adds a spectacular pop of color to ready-to-eat salad mixes. Across all applications, we’re the market leader in Swiss chard, and we’re proud of it.

Colorful leaves that bring

happiness to every salad.

Swiss chard is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to mixed salads. And we understand why! Chard is super healthy and it gives a nice colorful twist to salad bags. At Pop Vriend, we align our breeding strategy exactly with consumer needs. The result: the tastiest and most colorful chard available.

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for breeding.
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the Swiss chard