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Uniform, high-quality spinach.


We predicted the consumer demand for uniform high-quality spinach year-round many years ago. It encouraged us to develop our Spinach 365 solution, which we have first launched in the United States and also implemented it in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom since then. The goal? Making sure our gorgeous spinach leaves are available to consumers in the US throughout the year. Together, these varieties cover all growing slots in the major US growing regions, guaranteeing you supply stability that aligns with your packing schedules. Our Spinach 365 varieties perform extremely well on horticultural value, which makes them efficient to process and package.

Healthy, fork-sized,

and super crunchy.

Our Spinach 365 solution offers you a series of varieties that produce uniformly thick, fork-sized, dark-green leaves with a long shelf life and good crunch. And the best part? This collection allows consumers to enjoy the tastiest spinach every day of the year. A surefire way to encourage consumers to make repeat purchases of bagged spinach over and over again.

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