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Hybrid bean breeding and production

In-depth trials and research

focused on local markets.

At Pop Vriend, we believe in a strategy of local, in-depth trials and intensive research. This, combined with our state-of-the-art technologies, results in custom solutions that suit our growers with their high yields, uniformity, and disease resistance. Today, we are world leaders in bean breeding and we offer varieties for the processing industry as well as the fresh market.

Gerthon van de Bunt, Senior Beans Breeder

Grace under pressure.

We’re proud to be leaders in the processing and fresh-market industries, offering around 50 varieties worldwide. Many of our varieties are suitable for organic cultivation. But most importantly, they give our growers a competitive advantage with their stress tolerance, which is one of the most impactful trends in bean breeding today. In addition to agronomic traits, we also focus on consumer traits, such as shelf life, color after blanching, and flavor.

Beat the heat with

The Magma Collection®.

Almost two decades ago, we started breeding specifically for challenging climate conditions and heat stress. Our first Magma Collection® varieties, Sanford, Lunar, Pelican, and PV857, were introduced for the fresh market in the United States as they showed consistently high marketable yields under heat stress and other challenging conditions. We’re currently extending this collection of stress-resistant beans to other markets where the climate is becoming more extreme, like Italy.

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Beat the Heat
with the
Magma Collection®.
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