Seeding the future for generations with KWS.
Nutritious, tasty, and sustainable vegetables.

Supporting healthy diets

for a growing population.

To stay ahead in a rapidly changing world, we have been a proud member of KWS Vegetables since 2019. KWS is one of the world’s largest independent seed companies. It cherishes its tradition of family ownership, and we operate in that same spirit. KWS is a family-owned business today and it will stay that way in the future. Our shared goal is to support healthy diets by providing innovative and sustainable vegetable seed solutions. We aim to create value for the complete vegetable chain, all the way from the grower to the consumer. With a team of vegetable seed specialists and an entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit, we are seeding the future for generations.

The power of partnership.

Developing at full speed.

Joining forces with KWS opened up a world of endless opportunities for us. Today, we have access to many more technologies than before, allowing us to accelerate our seed development processes. KWS brings over 160 years of plant-breeding experience to the table, plus a major technology platform. We can implement their research findings and technologies directly into our own breeding programs, with instant quality improvements as a result. The future is bright.

A history of entrepreneurship.

In it for the long haul.

The guy in the snazzy hat? That’s our founder, Popke Vriend, way back in the 60s when he was already traveling the world looking for the best breeding conditions. Fun fact: “Vriend” is the Dutch word for friend. What that means to us is that, come what may, we treat our business partners like our friends. Pop Vriend and KWS are in it for the long term, and we feel proud and honored that many of our customers have been with us for decades.

A passion
for breeding.
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