A world player in vegetable seed breeding.
Focus is in our genes.

Super specialist

in a limited number of crops.

At Pop, we focus on a selection of top-quality vegetable crops. We are proud to say this focus has allowed us to become a world leader in hybrid spinach, Swiss chard, and bean seeds. We export our vegetable seeds to over 100 countries worldwide, including the United States, China, and Africa. Thanks to a dedicated team of specialists, we organize and manage all this from our global operations hub in Andijk, in the heart of Seed Valley, the Netherlands.

Breeding programs

tailored to customers’ needs.

Nothing is as important to us as understanding what our customers need. That’s why we like our breeders and advisors to be close to the market, with their boots in the soil. And because we’re in close contact with our customers and we’re involved in trials on location, we’re able to align our breeding programs directly with their needs. This way, we can really help solve our customers’ challenges.

Specialized customer teams

for full focus.

At Pop Vriend, we work together in specialist customer teams that allow us to give each of our customer groups our complete attention. The advantage? Short lines of communication with our customers and a full focus on specific needs. This way, we can work with you to develop solutions that benefit the entire food chain. So whether you grow baby leaf spinach in North America, sell fresh market beans in Africa, or are active in the processing industry in Europe – we’ve got you covered.

Follow the fresh trail.

Join us as we develop new seed solutions in fruity crop vegetables

As a part of KWS Vegetables, we have big plans to become a global player in vegetable seeds together. The Andijk location is to be expanded and developed into a global hub to support our research and marketing & sales activities in Spain, Italy, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, and the Netherlands. KWS currently employs over 6,000 people in 70 different countries. The Vegetable Squad currently employs around 250 people and is growing fast.

Our international currency is trust: we cooperate with growers as fellow entrepreneurs, respecting their knowledge and experience. Owing to our focus on research, we’re constantly updating our product range. And thanks to our team of vegetable seed specialists and our adventurous and pioneering spirit, we’re seeding the future!
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