Improve your yield security.
Give your spinach or bean crop a strong start.
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More uniform and faster plant

emergence for higher yield security.

INITIO is a micronutrient seed coating containing manganese (Mn) and zinc (Zn) that gives bean and spinach seeds a strong start. After extensive trialing over several years, INITIO’s effects are obvious: faster emergence, more uniform crop establishment, and higher plant counts. INITIO improves nutrient intake and enhances fine-root development in the early growth stage.
INITIO seed treatment solution

Better tolerance to harsh

conditions with INITIO.

Thanks to better early nutrition, growers are seeing improvements in crop establishment, early-season growth, and the ability to withstand challenging growing conditions. Our trials with bean crops in different locations in Europe show increased vigor in 66% of cases compared to untreated seeds. When looking at spinach in Europe, we can confirm a higher plant emergence with KWS INITIO in 75% of trials.

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