Rise & Shine
with Erik.
Saying what we do and doing what we say.
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The one and only Dr. Beet

puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Ever heard of someone who eats raw red beets for breakfast? Well, now you have. That’s how our health enthusiast Erik earned his nickname “Dr. Beet.” Erik is our Area Sales Manager for the processing industry in Northwest Europe. With his investigative approach, he helps our customers answer the tough questions they run into when they’re growing their crops.

Erik says, “We could produce the very best seeds in the world – but if we can’t deliver on the promises we make to our customers, we have nothing to offer. So mine is the noble task of making sure we make good on our promises and do what we said we’d do. We skip the nonsense, make clear agreements, and, of course, do whatever it takes to meet our customer’s needs.”

Erik’s challenge.

Erik is a true man of questions. He likes to carefully gather his facts before he jumps to conclusions. His analytical nature might seem atypical for his role, but it’s the secret ingredient to being a successful salesperson. “For me, it’s not about selling as many seeds as possible. It’s about providing the best solutions to each customer. I want to have all the information I need before I give advice. Then when I do, it’s solid advice that really helps the customer grow their business. And when the deal is done, it’s all about being flexible. We can react and deliver quickly because we focus on a limited number of crops. So I never panic when a customer asks if we can deliver tomorrow. I just roll up my sleeves and get it taken care of!”

Proud member of the Vegetable Squad.

A no-nonsense culture.

With his positive attitude and healthy lifestyle, it’s a boon to have Erik on the team. What he likes best about working at Pop is the special combination of informality and professionalism. “We all have very different personalities, but we share the same drive and get along really well. Our company is super dynamic, and we need to respond quickly. But because of our strong and diverse team, we make it happen. Our partnership with KWS also offers many opportunities. The combination of our relatively ‘small’ company with all the technologies and investments that KWS has to offer is quite unique.”

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