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Growing awareness

At Pop Vriend Seeds we experience nature on a daily basis. That is the basis for our deep respect for nature. It is only by understanding and caring for nature, plants, soil and seeds that we manage to breed the best varieties.


We feel responsible for the world we live in and for the environment that enables us to produce healthy food. In our vision, biological diversity is fundamental to the survival of mankind. If we want to maintain the world's food supply, we have to treat nature with respect. That is why Pop Vriend Seeds develops seeds that are highly resistant to plant diseases, thus helping growers to reduce the use of pesticides and grow crops more sustainably.

No to genetic engineering

Pop Vriend Seeds does not use genetic modification techniques in its breeding program.

Breeder's rights

Furthermore, we stand up for our breeders' rights, opposing plant patents. We believe that patents on plant life are a threat to conventional breeding and to the speed of future breeding innovations. In our opinion breeders should be free to use existing varieties in their breeding programmes.

Adapting to climate change

Pop Vriend Seeds takes into account the impact of climate change on growing crops. We test and develop seeds that are fit for many different climatic conditions, including heat and drought.Living with respect for nature. Growing awareness while growing seeds. To Pop Vriend Seeds, that is the core of our corporate responsibility.