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Ski trip to Flachau

ASTA Vegetable & Flower Seed Conference

Fruit Logistica

International Seed Federation. Nice, France

AgroExpo, Columbia

Our Russian website is live!

To give our company a better visibility we have translated our website to Cyrillic. Also there is made a strong connection with our dealer in Russia, Kuban Seeds. This represent our long term partnership, as well our customers do know where to find information and where to purchase our seeds. 

Take a look at www.popvriendseeds.ru 

Spinach Field

In the south of the Netherlands

We received this beautiful picture of a spinach field in the south of the Netherlands. This company, called Laarakker, delivers around 140.000 tonnes of vegetables per year, such as spinach, beans, peas and carrots. This POP spinach ends up in - for example - a pack of spinach cubes from Iglo.

New catalogues online

Download our newest catalogues

Download via de links below our newest seed catalogues for technical information:

Spinach Baby Leaf
Spinach Processing
Spinach Bunching 
Swiss Chard
Red Beet
Sweet Corn

Demodagen Pop Vriend Seeds

In de toekomst van 5 naar 6 gewassen

Tholen – Onder de rook van het begin september geopende, uitgebreide zaadpakhuis van 2500 vierkante meter en de bijbehorende kantoren liggen de demovelden bij Pop Vriend Seeds op dinsdag 25 september klaar voor bezoek van over de hele wereld. In de kas is het een gezellige drukte. Kim Gieling, verantwoordelijk voor de marketing en communicatie bij het veredelings- en familiebedrijf, neemt ons tussen het organiseren van een pubquiz mee de velden in. Pubquiz? “Ja, eigenlijk een Popquiz”, lacht Kim. “Vlak na de open dagen nemen we al het personeel mee de velden in om ze daar allerlei leuke vragen voor te leggen.”

Het volledige artikel is hier te lezen op AGF.nl

Fotocredits drone foto: Costas Ganasos Photography

Pop's pubquiz

Without a pub, but in the wind on the field

Pop’s Pub quiz! Without a pub, but in the wind on the field. After a great week, where customers from all over the world visited our Open Days, we went into the field with our staff. Rapidly info about our crops, with proffesional and fun explanation from René, Marnix, the Johan's and Marcel and with difficult questions from Kim and Henk. Who knows what is hanging on the string between the sticks? And how cool is it that we also work with drones? 

Gladys Congratulations with your first prize!

Specialisten in spinazieteelt

Pop Vriend Seeds wereldmarktleider nieuwe superfood. Top artikel in het NHD

Pop Vriend Seeds wereldmarktleider nieuwe superfood. 

Popeye The Sailorman putte er enorme kracht uit. Spinazie. Het gewas is herondekt als het nieuwe superfood. Pop Vriend in Andijk spint er garen bij. Specialisten in spinazie. Lean, mean, clean and green. Lees het hier hele artikel in het Noord Hollands Dagblad. 


Opening new warehouse

Finally! The expansion of our seed warehouse is officially in use.

Finally! The expansion of our seed warehouse is officially in use. Purchase and Facility Manager Frank Hollenberg supervised the construction and performed the opening, together with owners Lara Timmerman and Arwin Vriend. Local residents and partners in the construction industry enjoyed a festive lunch in our new hall, together with all our employees. Didn’t it look great!?

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