26 September 2018

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If you are intrested in the largest trial field of spinach and would like to hear more details about our spinach breeding you are more than welcome to join our spinach seminar. During this seminar both external and internal speakers will give you an update about e.g. the newest innovations, the spinach market world wide and disease resistance. 

We are looking forward seeing you @ our seminar. Sign up via kgieling@popvriendseeds.nl 

24 - 28 September

Open Days 2018

If you are interested in the largest trial fields for beans, spinach, Swiss chard, red beets, carrots and sweet corn you are more than welcome to our fields in Andijk. During the week of 24 - 28 September our Sales team and breeders will be there to proudly show you our newest innovations and are happy to answer all of your questions. 

We are looking forward to meeting you in Andijk. Please sign up via info@popvriendseeds.nl 

August 1 2018

We get better every day

This time no muddy boots, but a field visit to warehouses and shipping terminals which are full of high end ICT solutions. Also this is part of our industry!

To update ourselves about tools available to drive operational excellence, our customer service team made a visit to one of our logistic partners “Mainfreight”. We strive for unique standards including correct and timely deliveries to our world wide customers. To achieve this, partnership with our logistic partners is of great importance. Fun and exchange of information were the main ingredients of the day, which gave us good food for thought for new developments our customers will benefit from.

13 july 2018

Summer party!

Yes, we've got the pictures. Pop's crew under De Drom & in De Werf for our summer party 2018!

Sun, beers from De Werf, great food, learning about changes, building catapults, bluegrass, virtual reality and of course the nicest colleagues..... It was amazing! 

5 july 2018

Introduction of bean Bentley

The German fresh market puts a high demand on quality and earliness of beans. Pop Vriend Seeds is introducing Bentley, an early bean with the desired color for the German market. Bentley is already in production by over 50% of the fresh market growers in Germany. This picture is taken in a commercial field close to Hamburg, together with our distributor Volmary.

June 26 2018

Swiss precision work

The market for hybrids in Swiss chard is growing rapidly. More and more growers are substituting their ‘open pollinated varieties’ for hybrid varieties with a much higher yield and vigor, disease resistance and uniformity. Pop Vriend Seeds is one the leading companies in the hybrid market for Swiss chard. Varieties like Fluence, Ion and Prius are performing very well worldwide and we keep on breeding new varieties. The picture shows one of our trial fields in California, with a lot of new varieties, which will shortly be introduced. Soon more of ‘Swiss precision work’.

June 4 2018

Spinach Master Class

Under the instructions of Head R&D, Jan de Visser, our international commercial team visited the spinach trial field in Andijk to screen all our new varieties. Including our full resistant Downy Mildew (Pfs 1-17) varieties which are already commercially available. They also looked at spinach varieties which are in the breeding pipeline. 

26 April 2018

Denomination of Pfs:17

New downy mildew race in spinach denominated: Pop Vriend varieties resistant

A new race of the downy mildew pathogen (Peronospora farinosa f. sp. spinaciae = P. effusa) on spinach was first identified in 2014 in Yuma, Arizona, U.S. This race was able to overcome the resistance of important spinach varieties. This is mentioned in a press release from Plantum.

First, one isolate (UA1014), was characterized on a standard set of differential varieties. Subsequently, isolates with the same reaction pattern on these differential varieties have been found in numerous locations and each year since 2014. After careful evaluation of the significance of this development to the spinach industry, the International Working Group on Peronospora in spinach (IWGP) has denominated isolate US1602 as Pfs: 17. This isolate is available at Naktuinbouw in The Netherlands.

Read the complete news publication here. 

The good news is that all our Pfs: 1-15 and Pfs: 1-16 resistant varieties are also resistant to Pfs: 17. So the new resistance patterns are:

- Pfs: 1-15 + 17 for varieties like Alameda, Amador, Sonoma, Sacremento, 
   La Paz/PV-1437, Gila, Inyo, Monterey, Apache, Aztec, Sioux and Yuma.
- Pfs: 1-17 for varieties like Nevada, Colusa, Kiowa and PV-1449.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Area Sales Manager Marcel Bloemendaal for additional information.


20 April 2018

Sowing spinach trial

Under a beautiful sky, our colleagues Jaco Tensen and Marnix de Kroon are sowing a big spinach processing trial in a production field of our customer Ardo in Belgium. In this trial 28 varieties will be growing for evaluation. Pretty impressive, right?

Within approximately 1,5 months, the spinach will be ready and processers will be invited to evaluate the trial. The biggest challenge for our company is to create processing varieties which produce nice large leaves without running the risk of flowering. 


18 April 2018

Proud to be a finalist

We are proud to be nominated as one of the finalist for 'North Holland's Best Company of the year’ (Ondernemingsverkiezing Noord-Holland).

On April 18 the jury came to visit us and got a tour through our building, offices, greenhouse, warehouse, and lab. The finals of the OVNH are on 16 May in Theater Philharmonie in Haarlem. 

Did you already check our short video impression made by the organisation? Click on the right play button. 

5 April 2018

Enlargement Warehouse

M3 Ruimtebouwer recently started construction work on the enlargement of our warehouse in Andijk. This will increase our storage by 2500 m2. Important, because we handle millions of kilos of seeds every year and are constantly growing.

Next to that, we will build a new barn for our equipment, will enlarge our parking area with 27 spaces, including 8 charging stations, and we will add 800 solar panels on our roof. Preparing for a sustainable future. We hope to have the new warehouse ready within 5 months. We'll keep you updated!