Rise & Shine
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Ever on the hunt for the best genetics.
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Always a front-runner

when it comes to resistances.

No stress! Thanks to Paul, our very own “Bean Machine.” When there’s a new breakthrough of a certain type of isolate, Paul is there to add some markers to our seed production, and voilà: a new disease resistance is born. We call it a marvel of advanced phytopathology, but to Paul, it’s just business as usual.

Paul explains, “I research plant DNA to help develop new, disease-resistant varieties. Using marker technology, we can predict challenging plant traits without having to see a fully-grown plant. That means we can adapt and scale up super fast.”

Paul’s challenge.

Paul is always in a winning mood. That’s because he’s always looking for the new gold standard when it comes to our crops.

Paul adds, “I worked on our Magma Collection, and it’s what I’m most proud of. We succeeded in incorporating some amazing genetics into our bean program, and they’re going to help farmers beat the challenges of climate change. Really, it’s all thanks to our partnership with KWS. That’s allowed us to develop a program to help combat the rising temperatures, plus the increased pressure from pests and diseases that comes with them.”

Proud member of the Vegetable Squad.

All-areas access to the latest technology.

Paul thrives on the entrepreneurial, trial-and-error spirit at Pop Vriend. He loves getting to work with the latest marker technologies. He also likes that his ideas and initiatives are not only appreciated, but also facilitated.

Paul says, “Having joined forces with KWS, we can now use markers to place the real genetics of our Magma Collection in other bean segments. We are also researching the possibilities to synergize KWS’s sugar beet program with our red beet program, so we can accelerate resistances.”

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