Rise & Shine
with Kelly.
Ensuring healthy and vigorous seeds.
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Testing and optimizing germination power.

You could come up with the best seeds in the world, but if you don’t know how they’ll perform in real life, it’s no use. That’s why we’re so glad to have Kelly and her team to help us ensure we deliver strong seeds.

Kelly: “As a grower, you want to have the most uniform production possible. That’s what we research, and continuously improve, in our Germination Lab. By germinating the seeds in the most favorable conditions, we can predict the strength of our seeds and how many seeds will actually germinate.”

Kelly’s challenge.

The most important thing is that the strongest possible seeds go into the soil. A challenging goal. As Kelly says, “It’s all about testing. When we review the germination of the seeds, we look at two things: the root breakout and the quality of the overall plant. If there’s any doubt about the quality of a batch, we test again. We keep going until we’re 100% sure that we can deliver a strong, healthy seed.”

Proud member of the Vegetable Squad.

Endless career opportunities.

Kelly is one of those people you want to have around. She’s that rare combination of personality and brains. Kelly herself is quite modest, preferring to talk about the qualities of others.

Kelly: “I love my job mostly because of all the friendly and intelligent colleagues I have around. Every day is super fun. I also love Pop because there are so many career opportunities. And thanks to our partnership with KWS, we now have access to many more technologies and resources, which means we can grow faster as a company.”

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