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William Liggitt, pleased to meet you. Joining Pop Vriend Seeds over two years ago was right up my alley, as I’m an expert in beans. For years now, I’ve been speaking with growers and farmers in the Eastern United States about their operations and the challenges they face. Everyone needs a snap bean that can handle climate change. At Pop Vriend Seeds, breeders have been working on exactly that for over a decade. Their research and development has resulted in the proven varieties of the Beat the Heat program, that I proudly represent.

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As Technical Beans Advisor, I travel throughout the Eastern US. A top priority is evaluating our trials. But first and foremost, I enjoy speaking with our dealers, farmers, and growers. This is a unique opportunity to hear about their experiences firsthand and pass it on to our senior bean breeders. This helps our breeders know exactly what our farmers need here on the East coast. This ability to hear directly from our growers helped us develop leading varieties in heat tolerance. I also Pop Up regularly to share our knowledge, tips, and product previews with you.