Beat the heat
with our Magma


Our crown jewel

With its consistent high yields up and down the entire coastal region, its dark, fleshy pods and excellent virus resistance, PV857 is rightfully called our crown jewel. Market leader in heat tolerance for years now, this outperformer is adaptable for all regions.

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The snow bird

Sanford is especially suitable for the early and colder parts of the season, as it produces vigorous strong and dark pods that grow high on the plant to increase its cold tolerance.

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Sturdy and Dependable

With its dark pods and its peduncles strongly attached, PV959 can be called the sturdy one. It is known for its strong rust resistance and great heat tolerance which make PV959 especially suitable for main season growing.

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Made for the heat

Turn up the heat for our PV961. Exceptional tolerance for the hottest slots in season. Under even the most challenging conditions, PV961 delivers very dark and uniform pods, high on the plant. Plus excellent rust resistance of course.

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