Proud market leader

Maximum resistance

Spinach specialist

Who knows about spinach, knows about downy mildew, unfortunately. Over fifteen years ago, we successfully focused on breeding for resistance against this disease. Now, we dare say that we’re America’s spinach specialist, both for babyleaf and savoy varieties. We are always on top of the latest races and isolates of downy mildew as well as white rust, so we can guarantee that our varieties have the maximum resistance available in the market.

Scientific innovation

Unique trial strategy

Jan de Visser, director of R&D: ‘I believe in a strategy of in-depth trials in all sorts of circumstances. I want to see results with my own eyes. Also, for decades now, we’ve been working with the best universities in the US and Europe on optimizing disease resistance. Thus, we combine the latest science and our own track record and experience. I believe it is this strategy that has made us the proud market leader in spinach for the fresh market. The technical partnership with our mother company KWS has opened an immense window of possibilities to further develop resistance.’