Meet Zaneta

Love vegetables

Queen of the lab and style professor to whom we all turn for advice, yes, that’s Zaneta. But don’t be fooled by her impeccable appearance; inside this elegant woman beats a lions heart. Fearless and future proof, that’s Zaneta’s middle name. She always looks ahead with a smile on her face. In fact, that’s what brought her to us in the first place.

Almost 20 years ago now she came to the Netherlands from her motherland Poland to discover new horizons. She just felt she wanted a new adventure in her life. She first landed in the bulb industry, where she also met her love Simon. Now you understand where Zaneta got her typically Dutch last name: de Wit.

After a few years, she decided it was time for something new again workwise. Preferably a ‘clean’ job, since Zaneta is a very tidy and organized person. Via a temp agency she started in our lab - it doesn’t get any cleaner than that, does it? Yeah, except Zaneta doesn’t mind getting here impeccable lab jacket dirty when it comes to taking care of her seeds. We soon discovered her talent, her pluck and her eagerness to learn. Now, Zaneta is one of our most experienced bean germ laborists. Outside work, not surprisingly, Zaneta loves to travel with Simon and their 13 year old daughter Vivian. A round trip through Japan was one of their favourite journeys.

What Zaneta likes about working at Pop Vriend Seeds? ‘Everything. The work, the people, the contacts, the fun we have. It may sound corny, but every day I go off to work with a happy face. And the day I wouldn’t feel like that anymore, I’d start looking for something new.’ We know you would, Zaneta, that’s why we’re so happy that we see your smile every single day.

Do you like to think outside the box? Do you dare to challenge Zaneta with your wardrobe? Tell us all about how your super powers can make us an even stronger team? Take a look at our vacancies.

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