Meet Sjaak

Tough on the outside Soft within

If ever they saying rough diamond was applicable, it would be for our Sjaak. Strong as an ox - see those hands? - but one of our biggest sweethearts. Our great friendly rocker from West-Friesland looks at the world with a down-to-earth perspective. Some call it simplicity - to Sjaak it’s just common sense.

Sjaak is always on the go. First of all, Pop’s own Popeye has been our beacon on the spinach packaging line for almost 15 years now. But after working hours he also likes to keep busy. From an early age, Sjaak has been growing his own flowers. At his new house in the heart of Wervershoof - also a do-it-yourself project of course - he put a stand right next to his front door. Since Sjaak is a peoples person, he likes the chats with his very diverse customers even more than the sales. And naturally he often surprises his high school love Yvonne with his lilies, tulips and peonies.

What you see is what you get with Sjaak. He is an original Westfries, so directness is in his genes. Sjaak rather calls this common sense. What he likes about Pop Vriend is our ‘work hard play hard’ mentality: ‘I witnessed how the company has grown over the past years. But the basic spirit is still the same: we get the work done and have fun doing it. It hardly feels like work this way. And: everyone is equal. From the warehouse to the bosses: all opinions and ideas are valued.’ The growth of the company also means extra work every now and again. ‘We don’t mind running the extra mile, everyone feels responsible for getting the job done.’ When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And our own Popeye is most certainly one of them.

Do you have the West Friese working mentality too? Do you have super powers that can make us an even stronger team? Take a look at our vacancies.

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