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Swiss Chard

The success of our baby leaf spinach drove our breeders to look for varieties that could meet another demand from the fresh market: to add more colour to the popular mixed salad packs. In 2012 Pop Vriend Seeds started a breeding program in Hybrid Swiss Chard, which for good reason is also named ‘bright lights’ due to its bright and vivid colours. We now have four red and two green-veined hybrid varieties commercially available. More varieties are coming up soon. In addition to all plant characteristics, like leaf type, vigour, uniformity, colour of leaves and veins, suitability for baby leaf and/or mature leaves for bunching or processing and so on, our breeders focus on resistance/high tolerance against downy mildew, ‘bleeding’ and other diseases and defects.

Vigour and uniformity is what makes the difference between our hybrids and open pollinated varieties. Our clients notice a big difference in performance between hybrid varieties and open pollinated varieties in the fields. Especially when the growing conditions are not optimal, for example when it’s colder, the differences become bigger and bigger in favour of our hybrid varieties. Organic growers like the speed of emergence and growth in order to decrease the chances for diseases.

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    PV9001-Ampera F1 Red vein, uniform growing and vigorous
    PV9003-Volt F1 Red vein, uniform growing and vigorous
    PV9019-Fluence F1 Red vein, uniform growing, vigorous and tolerant to bleeding
    PV9020-Ion F1 Red vein, uniform growing, vigorous and tolerant to bleeding
    PV9013 F1 Green vein, uniform growing and vigorous
    PV9015 F1 Green vein, uniform growing and vigorous

Figures and information in this brochure are based on the average results of large scale plantings under European conditions and may vary with local environmental and agronomic conditions, grower skills, microclimate and soil structure. Resistance is the ability of a plant variety to restrict the growth and development of a specified pest or pathogen and/or the damage they cause when compared to susceptible plant varieties under similar environmental conditions and pest or pathogen pressure. Resistant varieties may exhibit some disease symptoms or damage under heavy pest or pathogen pressure.

Pop Vriend Seeds does not accept liability based on the information for deviating results in the cultivated product. Buyers and users of Pop Vriend Seeds varieties are responsible to determine suitability of the seeds to intended cultivation and local circumstances. 
All contracts for delivery of goods are subject to our general terms of sales and delivery. You can also ask for a copy via info@popvriendseeds.nl. In addition ISF rules are in force.