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Our people

Pop Vriend Seeds is a family company, characterised by a pleasant and involved working environment. People enjoy working at Pop Vriend Seeds, whether it is in the open, light office, in the warehouse or outside on it's fields. Pop Vriend Seeds doesn't have to go to great lengths to achieve this,– it is how it evolved and how it is done today.


What Pop Vriend Seeds' secret is? The sense of belonging, the professionalism and our commitment to the product ... As a retired employee put it: "Once you were hired you didn't look for another job anymore." Whether you speak with a director or a warehouse employee, everyone feels that Pop Vriend Seeds is their home, in a sense. Together they work hard every day to make their vegetable seeds – the roots to your success – even better.


Interested in finding out what the employees themselves think about working at Pop Vriend Seeds? Have a look at the interviews with Customer Service Representative Ellen Schaminee, Operator Kamal Benddouia, Supply Chain Manager Marc Moerkerken, Pre-Breeder Suxian Zhu and Assistant Controller Brian Kooiman. 


Brian Kooiman
Enthusiastic Analyst


Suxian Zhu
Passionate Pre-Breeder


Marc Moerkerken
Committed Supply Chain


Kamal Benddouia
Reliable Operator


Ellen Schaminee
Energetic Sales Representative