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New Office & Laboratory Pop Vriend Seeds

Pop Vriends Seeds is located in Andijk, in the heart of the Netherland’s vegetable breeding industry. Since Pop Vriend started his family business in 1956, our company has been an expert in seed innovations at the start of the vegetable food chain. We do so with respect for the laws of nature, providing our international customers with healthy and successful crops of spinach, bush beans, sweet corn, Swiss chard and red beet.

New headquarters opened in 2014
Due to our companies growth, we needed a new building with additional offices and laboratories
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Our headquarters express the following company values:

• Innovative Nature
• Expertise
• Sustainability
• An open, down-to-earth company culture
• Family heritage and future

© all images of the new builing: Katja Effting




As a seed and vegetable company we work in and with nature every single day. We believe in respecting the laws of nature and wanted our new office to reflect that belief. With the help of the architect and engineers, we have created a fully sustainable building. Energy supply needed for heating and cooling is extracted from a natural energy source deep in the ground. Energy use is regulated naturally by the use of triple glass, sun screens, roof gardens, and LED lighting with day light regulation.

Materials used in the construction and interior design are durable, eco-friendly products including flooring from 100% recycled materials, water-born paint, FSC certified wood, recycled pallets, etc.

In this video (subtitled in English) Lara Timmerman (CEO), Mark Fuller (MFA Architects) and interior decorator Erik Gutter (StudioErikGutter) share their story behind the new sustainable building.