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  • how we work
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How we work

In Pop Vriend Seeds' warehouse in Andijk you can find all kinds of vegetable seeds. Yet we deliberately chose to be specialists. We concentrate our knowledge, efforts and experience on designing the best bush beans, spinach, sweet corn and Swiss chard. It is thanks to this specialisation that our products rank amongst the top-quality seeds in the world.

Dedicated experts

The core of Pop Vriend Seeds is the breeding department, staffed by dedicated experts who know all about 'their' vegetable seeds. Our clients are part of our designing process: we listen carefully to their wishes and are committed to developing innovative varieties that fit their market requirements.

Tailor-made advice

Being lean-thinking and flexible, we can deliver promptly and react quickly and effectively. We love our products and we love to provide our clients with tailor-made advice on how to grow the best vegetables from our seeds. Pop Vriend Seeds does not believe in 'one size fits all'. That is why we have multiple breeding programmes working to produce seeds that are adjusted to the needs of different markets.

High standards

Pop Vriend Seeds sets its standards high. Our breeding department uses up-to-date scientific methods to improve plant characteristics. We invest in research and development to create new varieties suited to specific regions, climatic conditions and growing techniques. Each year thousands of tests are carried out in our trial fields around the world.