Denomination of Pfs: 17

New downy mildew race in spinach denominated: Pop Vriend varieties resistant

A new race of the downy mildew pathogen (Peronospora farinosa f. sp. spinaciae = P. effusa) on spinach was first identified in 2014 in Yuma, Arizona, U.S. This race was able to overcome the resistance of important spinach varieties. This is mentioned in a press release from Plantum.

First, one isolate (UA1014), was characterized on a standard set of differential varieties. Subsequently, isolates with the same reaction pattern on these differential varieties have been found in numerous locations and each year since 2014. After careful evaluation of the significance of this development to the spinach industry, the International Working Group on Peronospora in spinach (IWGP) has denominated isolate US1602 as Pfs: 17. This isolate is available at Naktuinbouw in The Netherlands.

Read the complete news publication here. 

The good news is that all our Pfs: 1-15 and Pfs: 1-16 resistant varieties are also resistant to Pfs: 17. So the new resistance patterns are:

- Pfs: 1-15 + 17 for varieties like Alameda, Amador, Sonoma, Sacramento, 
   La Paz/PV-1237, Gila, Inyo, Monterey, Apache, Aztec, Sioux and Yuma.
- Pfs: 1-17 for varieties like Nevada, Colusa, Kiowa and PV-1449.

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