Swiss chard

Red beet

Pop Vriend Swiss Chard

'New kid on the block: Swiss Chard, a colorful consumer favorite'

Jan de Visser
R&D Director


New favorite superfood

'The market for hybrid Swiss Chard has developed rapidly over the last years. Customer demand for this colorful and healthy superfood is increasing fast. With its characteristic red veins, Swiss Chard is especially popular as a colorful addition to salad mixes. Breeder Marnix de Kroon, who is also responsible for our red beet portfolio, sees a market transition from OP’s to the much more vigorous hybrid varieties. Many of our customers who chose Swiss Chard for use in salad mix bags, combine the Chard with one or more of our spinach varieties. You might have already guessed, but Swiss Chard is actually a member of the Red Beet family, one of our other specialty breeds.'

Jan de Vissser
R&D Director