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'We continuously improve our varieties. Especially with hybrid spinach, disease resistance is key'

Marcel Bloemendaal
Area Sales Manager

Always one step ahead

'In spinach breeding the key word is disease resistance, especially when it comes to the high quality hybrid varieties. Our ‘spinach guru’ Jan de Visser has been with us for 27 years. Together with our spinach team, Jan undertakes a lot of research in close cooperation with the global top specialists in the field, in order to always ‘stay ahead’.

This constant focus has allowed us to become world leader in spinach seeds. We offer a total of around 50 spinach varieties, all of which are well known for their top quality and maximum disease resistance. On the next pages you’ll find an impression of some of our clients' favorites. Selecting the best variety for your purposes depends on many factors. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly for custom-made advice.'

Marcel Bloemendaal
Area Sales Manager
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