Swiss chard

Red beet

Pop Vriend Red Beet

'Our Red Beet is well known for its high brix level and strong tops.'

René van Meijel
Area Sales Manager

Un-beet-able varieties

'The market for Red Beet is growing rapidly, not in the least because of the wholesome traits attributed to this colorful crop. We started breeding about five years ago and have since developed three competitive varieties. Breeding for excellent taste, high brix, and strong tops are the key words for our Red Beet expert Marnix de Kroon, who is also in charge of our Swiss Chard breeding program. Our beets are attractive and successful, so maybe that’s why Marnix named them after movie stars ;-). Currently, our focus is research on the development and optimizing of mono germ varieties.'

René van Meijel
Area Sales Manager
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