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'Combining over 40 years of experience with innovative technology gives us a leading edge in bean seed breeding'

Ferdi Veenstra
Area Sales Manager

It all started with beans

'Already in the 1960’s, the bean breeder and sales men of Pop Vriend travelled around and developed varieties for the Netherlands, France, Belgium and other European countries. The assortment started to grow and through hard work we started selling beans all over the world. Today we have two ‘Mister Bean’s’: Gerthon van de Bunt and Frank van Kampen. They combine state-of-the-art innovations with our long term experience. Many of our varieties are suitable for organic cultivation, but most importantly it suits out growers due to its high yield, uniformity and disease resistance, which is one of the most impactful trends in bean breeding today. Most recently, Gerthon developed several varieties that can flourish particularly well in the US for fresh market production. We offer a wide product range with variations in color, size, shape and growing characteristics. I’m happy to advise the right varieties for your specific purpose.'

During our annual Open Days over 200 people visited our traditional crop seminar. In 2019, we put beans in the spotlight. Our specialist breeder Gerthon van de Bunt presented the latest insights in bean breeding and our Area Sales Manager Ferdi Veenstra talked about the most imporant production areas around the world. 

Click here for a video from the seminar.


Ferdi Veenstra
Area Sales Manager
+316 54 953 349