‘Innovative employer’

Veerle Huyers

HR specialist

Veerle joined Pop Vriend about a year ago as HR advisor. That is, she is here for two days a week. The rest of the week she is posted at other mid-size enterprises by her employer, HR consultancy firm Van Ierschot.

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Veerle about Pop Vriend
‘This is one of the interesting things about Pop Vriend; it has a very innovative approach to human resources. Take for instance the way we organized my own agreement. Pop Vriend wanted a true HR specialist and access to the latest insights in the field. We both felt that a dedicated and in-house commitment was preferable. But we did not want to over-organize. This solution works really well.’

‘Agility is one of Pop Vriend Seeds’ major assets I believe, and although the company rapidly grows, we want to avoid any red-tape in human resources processes. Another reason why Pop Vriend is a great client to work for - and no, I don’t say this on all my clients’ websites ;-) – is its open mind for new insights. ‘Why not – let’s try it’, Lara says to most suggestions.'

'I like that. This does certainly not mean that ‘anything goes’; Pop Vriend is one of my most critical customers when it comes to the practical applicability of policy and ideas.'

Beside work, Veerle’s leisure time is currently limited. ‘I study business administration in Amsterdam, where I also live. Next year I start with my thesis, and yes, the combination is quite a challenge. But I like broadening my scope.'