A week full opportunities

at Pop Vriend Seeds

We don’t mind Monday mornings. In fact, we welcome every single new week. A week of winning, taking care, working (and playing) hard and simply getting the job done together. At the risk of sounding corny, many of us indeed dance, jump and laugh their way through the week.

To become the strongest team in the seed industry we need the best people. Day in, day out, we do our best to help our people Rise&Shine.

Rise: The seed business is all about growing. To flourish, we all need to be challenged and inspired. What do you need? 
Shine: Hardstyle or funky, ballad or boogie, pop or polka: we love some personality. The floor is yours.  
PV Warriors: Give me ten! Join our free club with our own personal trainer. After all, great minds need to be in shape.  
Style: We like to come in style. That’s why we created an office where you love to be and veggie fashion you love to wear. Check it out.  
Fun: Fun is part of our business. We’ll never waste an opportunity to throw a good party. Pubquiz, soccer championship, festival or Vrijmibo: Cheers!  


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