‘Customer first’

René van Meijel

Area Sales Manager

This is René, our Area Sales Manager for Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Central & South America. Quite a mouthful. Also quite a global scope indeed. And that is just René’s cup of tea.

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René about Pop Vriend
‘I’ve always pursued an international career. I’m proud of the fact that Pop Vriend Seeds has an considerable market position in over 100 countries, as a specialist in a limited number of crops. We are relatively small, but we think big.

This scale and the focus of the company is exactly what motivated me to join Pop Vriend Seeds four years ago. We don’t spend our time on red tape and internal processes; we fully dedicate to the relationships with our clients. That’s what our clients appreciate as well: they know exactly with whom they do business. Trust is a vital part of the working relationship.'

The other good thing about working at Pop Vriend Seeds is that I can combine a global job with a healthy work-life balance. I have three wonderful kids in the ages between 6 months and 6 years old, and I do not want to miss out on family life and watch them grow up. We have a huge world map on our living room wall. At Pop Vriend, we keep developing ourselves. Currently, for instance, I follow a personal leadership training program together with several colleagues.

When I travel, I always point out to my oldest boys where daddy is going this time.