Meet Paul

Always in the winning mood

His true name is Paul, but we call him our bean machine. From the moment he wakes up, he jumps in. Head first, preferably. This go-for-it spirit, brains and can-do mentality did him no harm though. @Pop Vriend, Paul went from intern to bean machine at the speed of light. Just the way he likes it. 

Paul just likes to go for it. He’s been like this since his early years. See the tiny scar above his eye? As a 6 year old he and his friend where throwing bricks over the dyke (yes, Paul is a native Westfries) a little bit too enthusiastically until one hit his head. Of all days, the accident happened on the first date his parents dared to undertake since his birth. Didn’t harm his brain though; Paul studied biotechnology. Whereas 90% of his fellow students seeked a position in the medical field, Paul was more drawn to beer brewing and the agricultural world. An internship at VU University in Amsterdam turned him into a specialist in phytopathology.

What Paul likes about working at Pop Vriend is the amount of responsibility you get in your field. Ideas and initiatives are not only appreciated but also facilitated. ‘I love the entrepreneurial trial and error spirit at Pop Vriend Seeds. Recently, for instance, I wanted to conduct a certain trial in the greenhouse for which I needed a special tent with higher humidity. When I explained my idea to Lara, there was no red tape or lengthy procedure, it was in place within a week. This makes me feel my ideas are valued.’ Of course they are Paul, because we love it when our Super Sprouts bloom so fast and we cherish the drive with which our Bean Machine develops his great ideas!

Do you have the same robustness and ambition as our Bean Machine? Don't be afraid to tell us all about how your super powers can make us an even stronger team? Take a look at our vacancies.

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