‘All Round’

Niek Rood

Supply Chain & Customer Service Representative

Quite a mouthful, Niek’s job title. And yet it does not cover all his activities, since he also helps out at production planning. Luckily, Niek is centrally located in our open office space. Most of the colleagues he liaises with are just a few steps away. Niek is our spider in the web, so to speak.

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Niek about Pop Vriend
‘Imagine tons of our seed travelling the world every day. These need to be at their destination at exactly the right time, for instance a customer with a limited sowing window. This takes a lot of paperwork, planning and coordination and makes you realize how important our open and easy lines of communication are.’

‘I had my internship in Business Administration at Pop Vriend a few years ago. My thesis about optimizing the storage process, like what is the optimum number of box rows, has in fact helped with the design of the current expansion of our warehouse. I find that very rewarding’.

‘At Pop Vriend it is appreciated when you think beyond your own task. I am proud of the ‘transfer report’ I designed, it allows all colleagues involved to see exactly where a certain seed lot is at any given time and has improved internal logistics. It makes me proud to picture a ship with 20.000 kilos of cleaned seed on its way back to Andijk.'

'After work I travel home by bike and in weekends, I like to play soccer with my friends. And for 10 years now, I’m part of Toidverdroif, a local volunteer foundation that organizes all kinds of activities for the youth in my town.'