Marie Francis

Through wind and weather for our customers

* Perseverance
* Put the customer first
* Embrace the struggle
* Loves a good mission impossible

Marie Francis doesn’t mind a little headwind, in fact, she welcomes a challenge. First of all literally: she faces the elements every day on her 8 kilometre bike ride from Enkhuizen to Andijk (and vice versa of course). Quite impressive, but Marie Francis remains modest about it: ‘Well, it’s good for exercise and I like watching the fields, the birds and the rabbits on my way. Besides, when it freezes real hard I borrow my parent’s car.’ These parents, by the way, are named Marie and Frans - now you understand where Marie Francis’ name originates from.

Her modesty is illustrative for her harmonious nature. Most of the time she works quietly and moves mountains with her smile and kind persistence. But every once in a while her colleagues hear her raise her voice and see her cheeks turn red. For instance, when she’s on the phone with customs or distributors in order to deliver a shipment to an almost unreachable country. When she’s in this state they know: Marie Francis won’t give up until the order has reached its destination. ‘It’s true’, she grins, ‘I make a point of putting my clients interest first. And I especially love a good mission impossible.’ What Marie Francis likes about working at Pop Vriend is the warm and open culture. ‘I originally come from the hospitality industry, but I’ve never before felt the true and welcoming atmosphere that we have here. At Pop Vriend, I really feel valued down to the smallest detail, like a compliment or a token of attention when you don’t expect it. You can’t fake that, it’s in the companies DNA.’

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