Meet Kim

Put the pedal to the metal

Some might call it a daily struggle, getting to work and school with two little bruisers. Not Kim. A bit of a juggle maybe, but on the sunny side: she’s sure to be wide awake arriving at work. And hey, our Kim isn’t exactly the silent type herself. Trust Kim to provide our daily portion of fun & feast. Beside the champion of our brand, this happy camper is the founder of the one and only Pop Vriend warrior team. It’s not a strict requirement to work @Popbut to be honest: being a little unique helps! 

Kim takes even the bumpiest roads with a big smile. In fact, she enjoys some action and adventure, after all: life’s too short to be boring. So bring on those challenges please, because our Kim was born to be a little wild.  

Kims job is to show the world what a fun and fine company we are. As genuine West-Friezen, we wouldn’t call ourselves ‘marketing people’, to put it mildly. Talking about ourselves easily feels like boasting. Bringing a sparkle to what we find quite normalKim makes us all a little proud of ourselves. Besides being the champion of our brand, she is the founder of the one and only Pop Vriend Warrior Team.  

Be it on the tracks, in the soccer field or at our bi-weekly bootcamp, she puts the pedal to the metal. A tournament with our competitorsa Pop's pubquiz or a surprise brassband on Blue Monday: Kim always brings a bit of life to the world.  At work and also in her free time. At home, her two bruisers keep her energized and busy, both being a chip of the old block. When they are - finally - asleep you might run into Kim and her girl-gang at festivals like Dijkpop (sponsored by Pop Vriend this year!), Flying Dutch, ‘t Zand or De Vrienden van Amstel. Most probably on the dancefloor and with a smile on her face.  

Our Poptimist is always where the action is! 


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