‘Great Communicator‘

Kim Gieling

Marketing & Communications Advisor

Meet Kim: Our Great Communicator. Which means that Kim oversees all our forms of expression - as for instance this website - and makes sure that they reflect our identity. Quite a challenge, as we tend to be a bit introvert about what we are good at.

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Kim about Pop Vriend
'What I like about Pop Vriend Seeds is that we operate worldwide and at the highest quality levels and yet our way of working is based on the human scale. We think big, but we remain practical as well. I joined 1,5 years ago and started by defining a communications strategy. Maybe it’s our down to earth temperament, but my vision was that Pop Vriend is sometimes a bit too modest. I mean, we contribute to one of today’s big issues: healthy food for everyone.’

‘Now is an exciting time for me: we are actually realizing the ideas as laid down in the year-plan. A new visual identity, a new website, focused communication for our emerging markets, increased social media presence, it is all coming together. And rightfully so, because the heartfelt passion of all my colleagues for this unique business of seed breeding is something that I love to share with even more people.’

‘My sons are still very young – in fact I was 26 weeks pregnant at my job interview with Lara – so I love to watch them grow. My other love is to go out and party with friends. This year my festival agenda is made up of at least Vrienden van Amstel, Flying Dutch, ‘t Zand and Dijkpop.’