'The rhythm of efficiency'

Kamal Benddouia


Kamal is operator of one of our packaging lines. He sees to it that we ‘keep on rolling’ in the most efficient way. Kamal strongly believes that music stimulates productivity, so in our warehouse he is in charge of the – of course democratically composed - playlist. Music is also important in Kamal’s personal life.

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Kamal about Pop Vriend
‘We keep improving the way we run our orders. In close cooperation with planning, we seek the most efficient way to use the line. Designing the best possible sequence based on the type of seeds, size of packaging material or cleaning procedures; it all can make a big difference in efficient use of our capacity. This is hugely important when you think of the amounts of seed that we process every day.’

‘Happiness at work is important for me. Before working at Pop Vriend Seeds I had several jobs, but this is the first place I really feel at home. Maybe it’s because it’s a family business, we all treat each other with trust and respect. We all feel responsible for the bigger picture, not just our own small link.'

'I also love our product, being at the cradle of healthy food is a noble and important profession. After work I love to be creative myself. I draw, design and video-edit. I also compose my own music, which is a blend of styles that are virtually impossible to combine. Think of heavy metal, oriental & country for instance.’ Curious? Check Kamal’s SoundCloud.