'We are family'

Jasper Vriend

First Machine Operator

First Machine Operator, it says on Jasper’s business card, but if it were up to him, he wouldn’t have one. Jasper believes that the power of Pop Vriend is in the collective drive and commitment of all team members.

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Jasper about Pop Vriend
'Indeed, my last name is Vriend. Our founder Pop Vriend was my grandfather. I’ve always been proud of the family business and I’ve somehow always known that I would end up working here. I still remember the way the warehouse smelled when I came here as a little boy, a combination of  burlap sack and something natural. The warehouse is completely renewed, but this specific smell is still there. I like it. Agriculture is important, everybody needs healthy food and we contribute to that.'

'By the way, the fact that I’m a member of the ‘Vriend’ family does not make me any different from my colleagues. In fact, I would say that at Pop Vriend we are all a bit like family. We work together on a basis of respect and help each other when necessary. At the warehouse work starts at 7.30, but everyone is in at 7 to have a coffee together first. Now don’t think that we’re a bunch of softies when I say this, we are Westfriezen, so we speak our mind, don’t worry.'

'After work I spend time with Joep, my 4-year old boy. I also have an extensive social life which includes playing soccer, korfball and poker with my friends.'