‘Bean power’

Frank van Kampen

Bean breeder

Frank joined us in 2012 as a bean breeder. After several years in the seed industry, he wanted to work with a challenging crop at a company with a significant market position. Enter Pop Vriend: For us it all started with beans – already more than 50 years ago.

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Frank about Pop Vriend
‘I want to oversee the whole breeding process, from pollination to a fixed end product. Here at Pop Vriend, this is possible. It’s nice to be able to try things out in our own greenhouse, only few steps away. When we visit a trial field abroad, I always feel a combination of thrill and tension. When one or more varieties stand really well in the trial field, that’s a true kick. And to see the same varieties flourish in the commercial fields some years later, is even more rewarding.’

‘Top quality bean breeding is a long-term effort. It can take up to seven years to develop a new variety. Now is an exciting period for me, since at Pop Vriend I expect to soon introduce the first varieties for which I have overseen the complete breeding program.‘

‘Yes, I do try my own seeds in the garden at home, luckily the family loves beans. My favorite bean? I’m not going to answer that, it’s as if you’d ask someone if he has a favorite child. After work, I play the guitar in my band called Milestone. We’re all friends and try to rehearse every week’.