This is Erik

We know him as Dr. Beet

* Curious
* Analytical approach
* Healthy lifestyle
* Investigative behaviour

Dr Beet? Is it his red beard? Is it his bald head? Neither, well maybe a little bit. Erik owes his name to a large dose of curiosity, his analytical approach and his drive to eat healthily. Some say he eats a raw red beet every day for breakfast. To Erik hardly anything is strange, only interesting. His unlimited curiosity sent him on expeditions through the neighbourhood already as a toddler, only to be disturbed by one of the neighbours calling his mum.

Erik is a question man; he likes to carefully gather his facts before jumping to conclusions. His analytical nature might seem a-typical for a salesman, but in fact it made him quite successful in his profession. Clients appreciate his investigative approach because it helps them solve the real questions they encounter when growing their crops.

After having studied International Business Management, Erik worked among others in Southern California in the strawberry and raspberry business, where he helped introduce a solution to deliver better yield in challenging soil conditions. This made him even more passionate about working on true improvements for growers. And so he decided to take on an additional study in agriculture and horticulture.

Erik joined us early this year. What he likes about Pop Vriend is the no-nonsense culture, or, in his own words: ‘Pop Vriend Seeds is quite a special combination of informality and professionalism. We’re all very different personalities but we share the same drive and get along very well.’ When Erik is not working, he’s pretty explorative as well; he loves to watch new movies, listens to different styles of music and practices CrossFit, a challenging combination of cardio and weightlifting. No need to say that he’s always curious what the Workout of the day will be at his gym. You probably won’t be surprised that our Dr. Beet eats his veggies as well: at lunchtime we discover new salad variations on his desk every day. 

Are you crazy about vegetables as well? Do you want to use your super powers in a growth sector that contributes to the real issues of the world? Take a look at our vacancies.

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