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A lot is happening in the world of seed breeding. Also at Pop Vriend Seeds, of course. That's why we want to share our latest news, knowledge and innovations with you. We are constantly developing and growing our company, so we'll keep you posted here!

Pop Vriend Seeds introduces KWS INITIO

The new, efficient seed treatment technology for beans and spinach

A good and healthy start is essential for the performance of a crop. With the right seed treatment, growers can realize an increased vigor and quality and a higher initial growth speed of the crop. With KWS INITIO, Pop Vriend Seeds now offers a new treatment for bean and spinach. KWS INITIO is a nutrient-rich coating that gives a strong and uniform start to bean and spinach seeds, enabling the crop to reach its full growth and yield potential.

KWS Vegetables sells trading business

of Pop Vriend Vegetable Seeds to Zasco

The two Dutch seed companies KWS Vegetables B. V., and Zasco B. V. have agreed that the Pop Vriend Vegetable Seeds trading business will be transferred to Zasco in an asset deal. This business area involves sourcing, producing and supplying a broad range of vegetable seeds that are well-adapted for use in Africa, Middle East and Central Asia, predominantly high-quality open pollinated (OP) seeds.
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