Pop Vriend Today

Specialized seed breeding company

We are Pop Vriend Seeds, a specialized seed breeding company in the Netherlands. We export our vegetable seeds to over 100 countries worldwide, among which are the United States, China and Russia. Our headquarters is located in Andijk, in the heart of Seed Valley, the Netherlands.

State-of-the-art genetics

At the heart of our success

We believe that personal attention for our clients, combined with our flexible organisation and state-of the-art genetics, are at the heart of our success. We decided to focus on a limited number of crops, with the goal to be the best within those crops. We are proud that this focus allowed us to become the world leader in hybrid spinach and hybrid Swiss chard seeds, and be a major player in bean seeds. 

Personal and accessible

We say what we do, and do what we say!

Our three generation family heritage resonates in the way we do business. We believe in personal service, short lines of communication, and an unconditional dedication to long term customer relationships. All of our colleagues are directly and easily accessible for our clients, just like when our founder Pop Vriend started the business in 1956.